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Braiding FAQ

 How long do braids normally last?

This depends on the type of braids you are getting. Generally the smaller the braid the longer it will last.
Dutch / Mermaid Braids: 3 days to a week
Cornrows (small): 4 - 6 weeks

Sleep is a big factor in how long braids will last. If you are a restless sleeper braids will get messier quicker. A silk pillowcase will help, or we sell braiding scarfs for $7 to help extend the life of your braids.

  • Should I wash my hair prior to my braiding appointment?

Braids generally go in better and last longer if there is some natural oil in the hair (2 - 3 days), but if you prefer to wash your hair prior to your appointment that is fine.

  • Is there a minimum length of my natural hair required in order to get braids?

We recommend that you have hair that is at least 10cm long at the shortest bits in order to get braids. If you hair is shorter than this and you are still interested in braids please contact us for a consultation and we can see what we can do.

  • How long will it take to add braids to my hair?

Dutch braids without extensions: approx 15 mins
Dutch braids / mermaid braids with ext / colour: approx 40 mins
Corn rows small: 10 mins per corn row


  • Will braids damage my hair?

If hair braiding is done correctly by an experienced technician it will cause minimal damage to your hair. The damage can come from you not caring for them correctly and leaving them in too long. Once the braid starts to get untidy it needs to be removed to prevent any damage.

  • How is braiding removed?

Generally you just unbraid it. Any extensions that have been added will just come out with the braid

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