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Hair Wrap Tutorials

Inserting your hair wrap.

3 simple ways to insert your hair wrap purchased from Stardust Hair Wraps. All Hair wraps purchased from include a FREE hair clip, and a FREE micro bead kit (pliers required) for quick and easy fitting.

Fitting Hair Wrap using included hair clip (simplest method).

Fitting Hair Wrap using included micro bead kit. (best method)

Fitting Hair Wrap using plait. (good if you don't have clip or micro bead kit).

Removing your hair wrap.

How to simply and quickly remove your hair wrap that has been micro beaded into your hair (pliers required)

Hair Streak Tutorials

How to easily fit a clip-in colour hair streak purchased from

How to easily remove a colour hair streak fitted by Stardust Hair Wraps

Micro Braid Tutorial

How to easily remove micro braid which has been braided using a micro bead by Stardust Hair Wraps