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Hair Wrap FAQ

Answers to questions we are often asked.

Q: What is a Hair Wrap?

A: A Hair wrap are a fashion accessory for your hair. They are made of different colour cottons wrapped or plaited together, usually finished with beads or a charm at one end. Hair Wraps are worn by girls and guys of all ages. Hair Wraps can either be made directly into your hair or purchased as a removable wrap which can easily be clipped in and out.


Q: How long should a Hair Wrap last?

A: All of our hair wraps are made from the highest quality 100% cotton thread and will not fade or break. Hair can be washed as normal and swimming with your hair wrap is not a problem.

Our hair wraps can last up to 12 months if looked after well.



Q: How do I put a Hair Wrap purchased from Coast Braids into my hair?

A: All Hair Wraps purchased from can be easily fitted either using the FREE included clip or FREE included micro bead kit.

Both methods are quick and easy. Watch the tutorial videos on the tutorial tab for step by step instructions.

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